Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stars Without Number Session 3 Plus Save Vs. Xenophobia

My, the week gets away from me quickly these days. Things have been hectic at work, what with having to prepare the final weeks of materials, start thinking about my final, charge my seniors through Hamlet, and get my summer school assignment in order. My wife has also instructed me to be ready to run a game by the time her best friend gets back into town (getting the band back together, it seems), and my but Pathfinder is a large book...


SWN session 3 was a lot of fun. I think I've finally nailed down my experience system: monsters-er, aliens... okay, combat is 100xp/HD defeated, with special abilities (gaze attacks, immunities, psi, etc.) conferring a bonus of 25 xp/HD. Monsters only award this once even if they have multiple special abilities. Loot is worth it's market value in XP, loot being defined as cash or "magic items" (Tech of 4 or 5) Roleplaying, problem-solving, and being fun to play wth are going to be worth an arbitrary award, usually about 100-200*character level. It seems to be working thus far. NPCs receive only 1/2 shares and do not receive shares of the "fun/problem solving" xp. Players who are absent get nothing. Characters who are killed still get their share for combats they took part in....their experience is transferable to the new character of the same player.

We had another player request to join our group. Initially my reaction was "hell to the no" after the whole Captain Spitcup/iPad saga. However, my wife urged me to give the new guy a chance, as did our most gracious host, so gave him a shot I did. It turns out that Josh and I had actually met this guy at a local convention and he wasn't a bad bloke. I thought he played pretty well and he'll be getting a character of his own next time. He has also volunteered to take a shift in the GM seat (as our Sunday group rotates GMs every couple of months) and his game of choice is MARVEL FRICKIN' SUPERHEROES. This caused Josh and I to squeal like fankids at a Harry Potter flick. I'm glad my wife talked me into being friendlier towards outsiders than I usually am. New guy really liked SWN's rule system, since his favorite D&D is that of the BECMI persuasion. (Which, by the by, he also offered to run)

The players are very close to getting their spaceship repaired so they can get off the planet on which they are currently stranded; this will be a nice change of pace, since my SWN game so far has essentially been "D&D with lasers and commlinks." It also means I need to kick it up a notch on getting my alien races, factions, and planets in a row... right now it's pretty blurry and vague in my head. (Ah, but what isn't this time of year, eh?)  

Game on, homies.

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