Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Art of Preparation

I cannot prepare for my games at home.
I don't know what it is.
Well, actually....I do. Too many distractions. Music. Games. Cats.

Today I parked myself in the local branch of the public library and knocked out a large dungeon level. I tried to include lots of fiendish things for the players to reason and puzzle through, disturbing little details, interesting rooms, and of course...a few monsters to slay. (Or not!)

I think the library might become my go to spot for game preparation for the rest of the summer. It also has free wi-fi for when I need to consult the Pathfinder SRD.

I also needed to work on Stars Without Number today, but I can only do GM stuff for a few hours before I need a break. The library will be there tomorrow.

Looking forward to finishing off this dungeon, perhaps tomorrow...


  1. I took my sons to this big indoor play area. I brought along a notebook, thinking that I could get some writing done. Instead, strange children kept throwing foam balls at me and yelling, "You aren't my mommy! Where's my mommy?! I need my juice box!" And then I got a headache from the Justin Bieber music.

    I should have gone to the library.

  2. Difficult for me to work at home also. I am a sucker for instant plays on Netflix, the 360 with Dragon Age or Black Ops, or my dog jumping on my sensitive bits and thinking its part of play time. Book store is my solace unfortunately its over an hour away. I do more work there in one afternoon than I do all week at home.

  3. I've had success at the local library also, done some of my better prep work their in fact. Hmmm...think I need to go to the Library this weekend! : )

  4. God bless the library, that wonderland of contemplation, the unsung friend of the gamer!

  5. Many bars have wifi nowadays. I "work" from there (I'm lucky that way) but you may not realize that you can be getting mad DM prep work over beers. Just thought I would add that. :)

  6. I don't think I'd get much DM work done there, either. :)

    I'd sure have the best of intentions, though...

  7. Just want to say I'm in the exact same boat. The bulk of my writing (and dungeon crafting) gets done on lunch breaks...or now, while I'm on vacation (and everyone else is asleep!).