Thursday, August 18, 2011


My attention has been wholly consumed by the first week of school. I haven't posted and I'm behind on all your blogs. I'm getting my first unit finished up and trying to find enough books to keep my second unit on schedule.

As I posted last semester, Beowulf makes me yearn to play AD&D something awful. I always get thinking about curved ships and endless winters and big dudes with axes and spears. It gets me thinking about giants lurking in the mountains and foul beasts from the depths of the earth whose misshapen forms defy classification. Stuff like that.

One of the math teachers here plays 2nd edition, it seems. We talked about it briefly, but the first week is so hectic. I'll swing by the math wing when things have settled a bit. I wonder if any of the rest of the faculty secretly play...

I picked up one of the first installments of an adventure path for Pathfinder, just to see what all the fuss is about. I haven't had a chance to open it yet. This is the first night I haven't worked all evening in preparation for the next day. The premise was cool enough for me to check it out, and I am forming another post in my mind about "Easter Eggs in the Sandbox," but I'm kind of tired of the term sandbox... at any rate, it will probably be awhile before I can actually use it. The bones of my failed Pathfinder campaign are still strewn across my basement table.

I watched Macross II the Movie on Netflix recently, and afterwards purchased the Palladium Macross II RPG book online. It cost me a penny. The book is currently en route. The Robotech/Macross corner of the Palladiumverse is the only place where Megadamage doesn't make me want to smash my face into this thick ass desk.

My current gaming wishlist: Savage Worlds Deluxe, Stars Without Number Mongoose Edition, Darkness Visible, Pathfinder Ultimate Combat.

I find myself feeling kind of disconnected at the Sunday game. Recent and frequent cancellations, an upcoming hiatus from one of the core group, and the very sudden death of a recent acquaintance of Mindy's (who was involved in a gaming group that used the same meeting website as we do) have left me feeling sort of "bleh," to use a highly descriptive term. I find that the last couple of sessions, I have been particularly irritable, unfocused, and not at all happy with my performance as a player. A couple members of the group have asked me when I will be running a game again (and what), but honestly I don't have an answer. For now, it seems like I almost enjoy reading gaming books and working on gaming stuff more than actually gaming.

I know the crew (some of them, at least) read this blog, so I'm sure they'll read this entry, but I'm sure my restlessness has been apparent. Maybe it's just a bad month.

Oh, and Shadowrun is still in the works. I just haven't had much time to work on it this week, plus I need to talk about other stuff on this blog from time to time.


  1. Hey, don't feel too bad. I'm in the navy and have moved to five times in the past ten years. It's hard finding a good group to play with. All my real gaming buddies live back in Indiana.
    I used to collect comics. Now I collect RPGs. I do way more reading than playing.
    I have this pipe dream of retiring and having a house with a huge game room to play RPGs and wargames all day.
    In the meantime, I need to search the local game/comic stores for a good group to play with. Or maybe try out Google+.

  2. I've been thinking about giving Google+ a try, especially for old gaming buddies who have been scattered to the four winds, but I just haven't had the gumption to actually sit down and try the hangout function.