Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Genuine Article

Today, the Sunday group decided to put Rebel Worlds on hold to play AD&D for awhile. I really, really enjoyed it. The edition we are playing is sort of a mish-mash of 1st and 2nd edition, though I'd say it leans heavily in the direction of 2nd edition. Actually, being a (mostly) 2nd edition ranger saved my new character's ass when I was able to calm down two hostile carnivorous apes. A good time was had by all, even if the party had a gnome who apparently craves human flesh and an invasively lecherous half-elf.

...and I am totally feeling the AD&D. It was nice to have my OSRIC book out. It still manages to be serviceable even though a lot of the rules we used are from 2nd ed. I maintain that the two editions are largely compatible. (Mindy is open to some of the 1st ed classes like monk, for instance)

I feel so scattered lately. I've been trying to read through Monte Cook's WoD, work on my SWN-to-Shadowrun conversion, finally finish OpenQuest... I don't understand why Gamer ADD is so pervasive. I must throw off these shackles of the mind! Graaaah!

...except that I am expecting TSF, yet another game, in the mail.

At any rate, I am totally recharged by playing AD&D. I have broken out of my gaming funk, I think. I find myself poring over my old AD&D files. Yesssssss.


  1. "I maintain that the two editions are largely compatible."

    You are correct, although that subversive attitude can get one into trouble in some parts. ;)

  2. Yeah. I like descending AC and I like the Fiend Folio. I also keep my Pathfinder books on the same shelf as my Rules Cyclopedia and OSRIC. I'm a bad seed.

  3. Congrats on your defeat of the funk!

    I had similar success last night when I ran Rifts.

  4. Are you running a RIFTS campaign now?