Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Gaming Wisdom

I was flipping through some of my gaming books today when I came across this passage. I'm not going to identify the book, because I think the passage itself is more important than where it came from. Of course, I'm sure more than one of you will probably recognize the source right away, or be able to guess it pretty easily.

These last few months have been filled with a few frustrating gaming moments for me. I'm not a big fan of telling people that they are "doing it wrong," but I daresay that if you read this passage and disagree with it, or if your play style flies in the face of it, you and I will probably find playing at the same table to be a mutually irritating experience.

"Skilled players always make a point of knowing what they are doing, i.e. they have an objective. They co-operate - particularly at lower levels or at higher ones when they must face some particularly stiff challenge - in order to gain their ends. Superior players will not fight everything they meet, for they realize that wit is as good a weapon as the sword or the spell."


  1. A couple of good rules for life; let alone for the game. Excellent find Ryan.

    (sounds like EGG, I'd say the exploration section of the AD&D1 PHB)

  2. You are correct on both author and book. It's from the a section towards the beginning, though.

  3. I am fortunate in that (as described), several of my players are of the "superior" variety.
    : )

    Applicable to Shadow Run as well...

  4. The full paragraph is well worth reading, as is the following paragraph... and I only wish more players I've gamed with had.

    Also, superior players will not rely on wit (or "proper role-playing" as they call it) to the exclusion of all else, nor complain afterwards if they parleyed when they should have fought or run.