Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Neutral Observation

Fact: Nothing will kill your enthusiasm for something faster than reading about it on RPGnet. God, what a bunch of cockbags.

Edit: A valid point was made to me earlier today that not every single poster on RPGnet is, in fact, a cockbag.

To you non-cockbags, I hearby apologize.

I will contend that there are a significant number of cockbags on the site, however.
I will also contend that it is a pretty dickish thing to respond to a new gamer's enthusiasm with cynicism, sarcasm, and mockery.

To the type of 'netter who does this sort of thing, I do not apologize.

If I were that erstwhile youngster (presuming he/she is a youngster based on diction and word choice and whatnot), my first impression of gaming would be that gamers are insular assholes.

(Although I often think this anyway, and I've been in it for 20 years.)

There are some who say that our hobby is dying. I have a few theories as to why.

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  1. it makes me think of the penny arcade comic, internet+anonymity=asshole. or it could just be trolls being trolls and trying to ruin everyone else's fun b/c they are angry shells of human beings