Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Secrets in the Secret Fire

First off, my Sunday group is putting Shadowrun on hold. This is good because today I realized just how tired I am of Shadowrun. We will now be alternating two different AD&D campaigns. Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. One of them is based on the Savage Worlds setting called Hellfrost (Vikings/Norse dudes during a horrible ice age that renders most of the planet uninhabitable) and the other one seems to be sort of "default" D&D, which is just fine by me. I had intended to post about The Secret Fire, which I have read almost in its entirety, but I've got a little problem.... I've found...things... in the book. Little number puzzles hidden in the margins. Cryptic phrases that I think are more than just decoration. The author himself hints that there are things hidden in the book, and I'll be damned if I'm not stumbling across them.: a magic square puzzle that leads to a picture with another magic square hidden in the picture... a certain symbol that shows up on certain page numbers, but never after page 209... other things. I might be going mad. Who knows. Tenkar, I'm specifically curious as to whether or not you've noticed these things, but anyone else with a copy is free to chime in. I would have figured that the forums over at TSF games would be crawling with speculation, but...nada. I will get to posting my thoughts on the actual game within the book, but for now, I'll be obsessing and scribbling numbers and notes in my notebook. If this blog now descends into mad ravings and I go nuts a la House of Leaves, you at least know why.

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  1. I know such is in there, as the author himself hints at it, but I never noticed, as I was looking at the rules more then the formatting and such.

    Besides, I kinda read through rules in a haphazard, meandering method, which doesnt help in finding puzzles and such ;)