Friday, September 9, 2011

This Dumbass Rating Thingie

Aight, so I took a curious gander at what my blog would be rated with that little widget y'all are using, and I got PG, and the reason I got PG is because

1. It found two instances of the word "death"
2. It found one instance of the word "ass"

...but it ignored my liberal use of other, stronger language? Did it base this off like, a random post, or my most recent post, or what?

Fie on that.


  1. Your just a PG sort of guy, Ryan.

  2. Hum, I'm gonna look for that widget. I think my rpg blog may be PG but I doubt the social commentary blog is.

  3. I got an R rating with 3 "death"s, two or three (don't remember exactly) "dick"s, and one "pooped."

    Yeah, it's just a crap thing to get hits on their dating site, not a real rating system.

  4. Clearly "deathpoop" would cause the rating program to burst into flames.

  5. Logic is a wreath of pretty little flowers that smell bad.