Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Nerdy Week

This last week, someone actually bought my Rolemaster boxed set. I managed to get more than twice what I originally paid for it, and I am no longer tormented by visions of charts and invisible turtles tripping up characters.

I think I'm going to spend the cash on gaming stuff. First off, the new Stars Without Number supplement. I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of it, as I need another rpg product like I need a tape worm.

I found a couple of RIFTS World books for two dollars apiece at the used bookstore, and since I have this insane refusal to give up on RIFTS, I bought them. There were a bunch of old issues of The Rifter, but I passed on them. I also passed on a copy of the HERO System, 4th edition.

...but why clearance the RIFTS books when those two copies of Terra Primate are still there? That copy of RIFTS Gold is there, as well... I thought someone had bought it, but I must have just overlooked it on the shelf...or perhaps someone bought it and sold it back. Maybe if I just keep loving RIFTS it will stop hurting me.

The used bookstore has also caught on to the idea of internet nostalgia profiteering, so even though they have more Rolemaster boxed sets, they have more than doubled the price that they used to charge.

...for the record, I have decided that my Shadowrun-to-SWN conversion is done. I don't need to do the Bestiary; most of the monsters from D&D work just fine. If you need something that isn't in there, build it with the simple SWN xenoform chart. Bada bing. I'm not sure if I'll post the whole collected thing, as I don't think anyone on this Earth is remotely interested in it but me. It can be found using the tags on my blog for the time being.

Meanwhile, one of my colleagues told me that her husband and his gaming group converted Shadowrun to HERO System, 5th edition. I'd love to see how that works out. If their gaming sessions didn't conflict with my martial arts training, I'd ask to sit in on a session.

We started Part III of Josh's Deadlands game today. Our characters have become quite powerful, seemingly very suddenly. We will now alternate Josh's Deadlands with Mike's Viking-esque AD&D game for the foreseeable future.

I've found some excellent house rules for D&D/AD&D floating around Blogaria and the internet in general these last couple of days. One of them I even printed out and had Nathan make into a little booklet for me. I'll have to promote them this week. (Note to self!) I must truncate this post because I require sleep.

Game on, blog buddies.


  1. ya I was not expecting the severe mulching of 10-18 extras vs a party of 5 pcs as it was. Though it just shows me I need to ratchet up the difficulty for the group tweak extras that I want to throw at you guys

  2. Most of our difficulty has been with boss encounters and not extras. I think this is the first time we've hit only extras. Maybe the train?
    That also assumes we can use our guns and big cannons. If we were to unload like that in the middle of London, we'd be SOL. If we were forced to use concealable weapons, those extras encounters would suck. Nathan would lose the boomgun for a crossbow, Ryan couldn't fan the hammer(do you have a silent/concealable weapon?), I guess I would be ok for a short time with Bolt, Mindy couldn't use her big gun(once again, does she have a silent/concealable weapon?) and not sure what Allias has. We might start to build up noncombat skills in Europe? I doubt it but maybe.
    What is the website for the new DnD House rules?

  3. I'm not sure if I'll post the whole collected thing, as I don't think anyone on this Earth is remotely interested in it but me.

    Wrong! I'd love to see a compiled document and I'm way too lazy to go back and collate something myself.

  4. Very well, sir... it would be more useful to me collated anyway. I have a long weekend coming up, perhaps I will get it together then.

    I wouldn't expect anything fancy from me, though... I'll probably toss it on a Word document or maybe make it into a PDF.