Saturday, October 1, 2011

Combat in The Secret Fire: Am I Missing Something?

Damage in TSF is a bit of a hybrid between D&D-style hit points and old White Wolf-style health levels.

A character has a number of health tracks, starting at Grazed and going down to At Death's Door. A character's Stamina determines how many points he can suffer on each track before dropping down to the next one. For instance, if you have Stamina 4, a blow for five points of damage fills up all your Grazed boxes and checks off one of your Hurt boxes.

Damage from weapons in TSF is reduced by the armor you wear. If I hit you for six damage and you have two points of armor, you take four damage. If you're the fighter above, I just filled up your Grazed track, and further damage will Hurt you.

My concern is that everything essentially has quadruple its' Stamina in hit points. A goblin, with Stamina 2, effectively has 8 hit points. Goblins in plain ol' D&D have 1-8 (1-7 in some versions, I think...)

A Minotaur has 12 Stamina and 9 points of armor.
Jesus god.

My concern with this game is that combat will draaaaaaag on.
You all know how much I love long combat in games. (Especially RIFTS)

Has anyone actually tried out the combat system? Just curious.


  1. one word on the minotaur juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiice!!!

  2. I think you'd need a Juicer to damage the Minotaur... a longsword in TSF does 1d10, so a fighter with decent strength (say, a +1 to damage) is only going to be able to inflict damage on the beast if he rolls a 9 or 10 on his damage roll, and even then he's only going to do 1-2 points of damage... so if 20% of his hits inflict 1-2 damage, and the Minotaur effectively has 48 hit points...

    I've got to be missing something. I'm going to re-read the combat section. Perhaps my getting distracted by all the puzzles and SmartPhone thingies that I have no way of scanning is keeping me from fully absorbing the rules.

    Oh, and the next to last damage tracked is called Messed Up, which strikes me as oddly contrary to the flavor of the rest of the rulebook....

    Grazed, Hurt, Wounded, Messed Up, At Death's of these things just doesn't belong here...