Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scattered Games

I joined my Sunday group in June of last year. Since then, we have played, in no particular order:

-RIFTS (two different GMs/campaigns)
-Rebel Worlds (A homebrewed version of Traveller with some Savage Worlds, RIFTS, and even Star Wars thrown in)
-Deadlands (two legs of a campaign, with a third leg starting up in a couple weeks)
-Stars Without Number
-Two different AD&D campaigns (with different DMs)
-Shadowrun (4th edition, then converted to 2nd edition)

...that's eight different campaigns in the space of about 16 months, meaning each game gets around two months in the sun before it gets shelved. We are typically playing two campaigns at the same time, alternating them every Sunday.

I enjoy the variety, but I miss the stability of running or playing in something that goes on for awhile. Deadlands is the closest thing I've got right now; the game has probably run for the longest length of time of anything we've done with the Sunday group, though the sections of the campaign haven't run consecutively. It's supposed to start up again at the end of the month, replacing Mindy's AD&D game. Also, I think Mindy is planning on starting up some classic Traveller next time she is in the driver's seat, rather than continuing this current game.

I've bowed out of the Sunday group GM's chair (my "time in the mill", as the group calls it) until summer vacation; I just don't have the time/energy/sanity to run a second game right now.


  1. Sounds like a great group you've got, I'm jealous.

    What do you think about Deadlands with more experience with it?

    Do you ever run into problems with monsters that are too hard to wound, but can be shaken often enough that the fight threatens to stall?

    Do you have problems with lack of differentiation with the dice? For example that a D12 doesn't feel that much better than a D6 compared to how much better it is supposed to be at the game scale?

  2. I love Deadlands. I loved it back in the "orange book" era, and I still love it now. I think Savage Worlds is a much more efficient system, though I didn't have that many problems with DL "Classic."

    As far as fights stalling, I've noticed that, from time to time, we fight an Extra that we just cannot kill. We roll snake eyes to damage him, he Aces every single recovery roll he makes, etc. etc. The "boss" fights can tend to be a little long, if only because our GM tends to save his Fate Chip pool for them, so we have to chip away at his reserves.

    And as for the dice... I find that you're right; d10 an d12 are not as amazingly good as they should be. They tend to succeed more often than not, but it seems that the ridiculous Ace-Over-Ace-Over-Ace-Holy-God-I-Rolled-A-32 type events occur more often with d6s and d4s. It is a little wonky sometimes. In classic Deadlands, the number of dice you rolled varied (your Strength might be 2 or 3d10 instead of just d10, for instance) so it seemed like the d10s and d12s would get Aces more often.

    All in all, I love Deadlands. It's got some quirks, but there are certainly clunkier rule systems out there.