Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Gaming Weekend

Yes, last night was one of *those* sessions. The offered job or quest doesn't hook the PCs. The PCs don't get along with the NPCs and do not want to cooperate with them. Random encounters go badly and drag on.

As one of the participating players, I feel bad for the GM. At the same time, I was ready to rip my own hair out with how frustrated I was.

Luckily, the GM came up with a different idea mid-session and the rest of the game was actually pretty fun, minus a series of die rolls that lead me to believe I must have been a puppy-stomping orphanage-arsonist in a past life, and my karma bill had come due.

I've had my share of rough sessions as a GM. They happen to everyone. She stuck with it and made an admirable recovery.

One interesting thing about this game is that the players have gone into a complete role-reversal with respect to the characters they made. Josh, who is usually our death dealing combat guru, made an AI who is an expert in many computer and technical fields, but barely knows which way to point the laser pistol. He spent most of the session's big combat hiding, after having hacked the station security systems to preclude interference from the authorities. (Odd, sounds like the character I ought to be playing. The other two players made death dealing warrior characters (well, I dealt death when I could actually hit, that is.) Instead of my usual good guy or cynical-bastard-with-a-heart-of-gold, I am playing a shameless, whimsical, debauched libertine who just happens to be a professional killer. This will shake our group out of its usual dynamic of play.

Today we play Josh's Deadlands. Yeeee-hawwww.

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