Sunday, November 13, 2011

DFD Take 2, Traveller False Start, and My Ultimate Lapse into Madness

I ran Death Frost Doom for my Sunday group. Everybody died. They did get about as good of an ending as you can get for that module, but they didn't much care for it. I am disinclined to run any Lamentations/Raggi stuff for them in the future, because they seem to prefer their D&D a bit more...I don't know...traditional? Straight-forward? I'm not exactly sure how to word what I mean, but I don't think they dig on weird, nihilistic D&D.

We also rolled up Traveller characters...well, actually...I taught Mindy how to roll up a Traveller character with an example, then I helped Elias roll up a character. I rolled stats for mine but didn't get much farther than that. Mike, who has admitted that he doesn't really like space games, really did not dig on Traveller's character generation system and decided to give character creation a pass. In the end, Mindy actually started leaning toward using Stars Without Number for when she next takes the GM seat. We ended up making Elias a SWN character, which took about a fifth of the time that the Traveller character did, and I think Elias liked his SWN character better, since he could pick his class and skills instead of having to roll for them.

I gotta be honest: I would much rather play SWN, even using Traveller's setting (or Mindy's strange hybrid Rebel World setting), but I really hope Mindy runs the system that she prefers... nobody will have fun if the GM isn't running something she's excited about. I will tow the party line.

At any rate, Mindy isn't running in the immediate future...Mike is continuing his Viking AD&D game, and Josh is continuing Deadlands part III next weekend.

...and finally...

Earlier in the year, I blogged about finding a copy of RIFTS Gold Edition at the used bookstore. They put it in the rare book section, not the gaming section. They wanted fifty bucks for it. I swore I would never pay that much.
Well, then they recently marked it down to thirty.
Then, they sent me a coupon for 50% off one item, good today only.
So...I bought it. I kept my vow in that I did not pay fifty bucks for it, I think it was $16.05 with taxes.
My journey to the Dark Side is finally complete.

RIFTS Gold Edition will get its own post, but another day. I need to get to bed so I can teach some Shakespeare tomorrow.


  1. Traveller is the game I most always want to play again but somehow never quite will.

  2. To Play or not to Play;
    I vote going with SWN, I'm hoping to start a SWN Campaign at some point!

  3. ze bulette- I totally get that.

    Bill- I feel kind of protective of SWN, since I consider it to be "my" game (much the way Josh is the undisputed master of Deadlands in our little coterie), but I have to admit it would be quite interesting to actually play it. (I've only ever run it)