Thursday, November 10, 2011


This last week I received a copy of Loviatar #4, compliments of Christian.
Thanks, bro. I really dig on the dead-giant-as-dungeon map, and the Xplorers adventure is easily converted to Stars Without Number. I haven't had time to do much more than skim it.

I received my print copy of Darkness Visible, the latest sourcebook for Stars Without Number. I haven't had time to read that, either.

Steampunk game didn't run this Tuesday. Deadlands isn't running this Sunday, but Mike is stepping up with an extra session of his Viking AD&D game. I was secretly planning to jump in with Death Frost Doom if it looked like nobody was going to run this weekend. Nobody in the Sunday group has played DFD except for Josh, and he is out of town this weekend. (Hence the Deadlands cancellation)

The Holidaze are descending on us. They are simultaneously awesome for me (because I'm a teacher and I get a ton of time off) and also a source of frustration. (Only two of my gaming friends are also teachers...and neither of them will be in town over the breaks) Most gaming groups seem to shut down mostly, if not totally, during November and December. Luckily, the Sunday group seems determined to stay the course, and two of the three Savage Worlds players live under the same roof as I do.

I have had this nagging urge to create a new D&D campaign lately. I've doodled some things in notebooks, but I find it all vaguely unsatisfying...the urge continues to rattle around. Of course, I've got zero time and no players to run it... so perhaps it's best left as half-assed potential for now.

One of the guys at my kungfu school is starting an online Champions campaign using HERO 6th edition. I spent a chunk of my gaming time in high school playing Champions 4th edition. My kungfu homie asked me to be sort of a part-time collaborating GM for this endeavor, but... I just can't hang my brain on the HERO6 system. I have the HERO system stat block memorized like some kind of perverse mantra, despite having not played it in years. I remember the point costs for all the stats and for many of the powers. HERO6 changes all the costs and does away with a lot of the formulas. Also, the first volume of the core rulebook (yes, the first volume) is 450 goddamn pages. I will gladly give my buddy ideas and let him bounce his ideas off me.

Looking forward to getting my Viking on this weekend.

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  1. Gah! I love the Hero system and the Champions setting. I really do. But all those huge rules and the buckets of dice make it murder on new players. The next time I run the Champions setting, I won't be using the HERO rules. Let me know how the game goes though, please. I'd be interested in an actual play.