Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Palladium Surprise Package

My Palladium Xmas Grab Bag arrived on my doorstep today. I was pretty pleased with the contents. I got the new Robotech book and the RIFTS Adventure Guide, which were my top two. I also got the Nightbane Survival Guide (the only one missing from my Nightbane/spawn collection), Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp (though I don't have the first dino swamp book...) and some random, but fairly recent issue of the Rifter, which I haven't really had a chance to peruse. Adding it up, I got about $105 worth of gaming stuff for about 54 bucks (which includes shipping...could have got it a bit cheaper with Media Mail instead of UPS, but I like to have that tracking number in case something goes awry.)

Tomorrow my wife and her friend and I are going to finish the first leg of our Savage Worlds steampunk game, which had been left hanging for a few weeks. What we'll do after that is a bit up in the air. I do know I'd like to game a couple more times before I have to return to work in January...