Saturday, December 24, 2011


Just got done gaming with the missus and our friend. We've decided to continue the Savage Worlds steampunk game, whether or not our third player returns to us.

We had two combats this session, bringing the total number of combats in the campaign to four. Combat is probably my least favorite part of roleplaying these days. This group is all about exploring the setting, interacting with the NPCs, and creative problem solving. I find my voices and NPCs are a lot more expressive with this crew... probably because it's my wife and her best friend and I'm a lot more comfortable with them. I'm not sure if I'll ever reach this level with the Sunday group. I want to, but... you act differently around different people, and the dynamic might just be intrinsically different.

I also explored more of the occult/supernatural aspect of my setting, which I had hinted at, but not introduced directly. Two of the characters (out of the original three) had some aspect of the supernatural involved in their character backgrounds, so it wasn't a surprise to anyone... I thought it might be awkward to add a genre into the mix, but it seemed to fit pretty smoothly. I am newly invigorated by my little campaign set-up and I look forward to running it again before break is over.

I've been picking through my Palladium stuff. I'm actually really glad that I got the random Rifter issue that I did, because it had a damage fix in it that has inspired me. I'm going to tweak the rule a little bit, but I think I've finally managed to reconcile Mega-Damage in a way that doesn't make my brain explode. Thanks, Kev.

Happy Holidays, all you rascals...hope you also get some gaming in before the New Year.


  1. Always interested to read mega-damage tweaks--what issue of The Rifter* did you get?

    * Typing that out I realized "The Rifter" is probably the stupidest name for a magazine pretty much ever. ;)

  2. It was Rifter #51. The article is actually about making combat and damage scarier in Beyond the Supernatural, but there's an addendum for MD games as well. I'm actually taking the tweak a step farther than what's in the magazine, plus I'm reducing the MD:SDC ration to 10:1 instead of 100:1. That should make things just about right.

    The only other issue of the Rifter I own is #53, which I am partially ashamed to say I bought entirely for the cover.