Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To Gonzo or Not to Gonzo

With my regular Tuesday and Sunday campaigns on hold for the rest of the year, I've had the new campaign bug bite me somethin' fierce. This is compounded by the fact that I will be enjoying two and a half weeks of vacation if I can just survive the next three days.

My thoughts for the potential online game bend toward B/X D&D. It's simple, you can get it free as a clone, and pretty much anyone I would invite to play is familiar with the basics of the system.

I've been scribbling notes and I find that I keep having this urge to make it a little gonzo and add some science fantasy and crazy shit like that. I already blogged about the Verdant Expanse. I added a crashed colony ship, a la the Warden, into the mix. I even sketched up an optional random background table that would change up your character depending on where he comes from. (It is intended to be optional, so if you just want to play a normal, BTB magic-user or whatever, you can) For instance, a fighter might be a Warrior of the Red Wastes; he has red skin (red like firetruck red, not red like Fantasy Native American Stand-In)
and goes berserk in combat. If he comes from the City of Wonder, he's actually a cyborg with random cybernetic mods. If he comes from Earth, he's actually a soldier from a crashed rocketship and begins play with a 50's-style ray-gun. All this stuff is more or less stolen from a myriad of sources. (Then again, isn't all of D&D?) this becoming over done? We've got Barrier Peaks. We've got Spire of Iron and Crystal. We've got Carcosa. We've got that crazy ass story from the end of The Dying Earth with the flying cars and the brain-in-a-jar. (The name of the story escapes me) We have blogs like Planet Algol and The Metal Earth.

I oscillate between this need to somehow take advantage of the malleability of the game and the desire to run "regular" D&D. I feel like I've done the classic setup to death. How much gonzo is too much?


  1. There's never enough gonzo. Go berserk. As far as "has this been done", the question should really be "would my players and I enjoy this," right?

  2. The Dying Earth story you're thinking of is Ulan Dhor.

    I think Pat adequately covered the rest.

  3. A little gonzo now and then is relished by the wisest men.

  4. Rather than thinking about it as over done, consider all the resources you will be able to mine due to the enthusiasm of the blogosphere for gonzo and science fantasy.

  5. The longer you live...the more you realize, "It's been done before". I would also agree with Pat, the enjoyment is the most important! (PS - I hope I make it through 2 weeks of no gaming!!!) Mindy

  6. I think y'all have convinced me. Red Warriors, Cyborgs, and Rocket Explorers will be on the menu.