Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unexpected Gaming Plus Unexpected Treasure

So, one of my oldest friends is in town. (Well, my home town, which is fifty miles away, but still) for the rest of the week. She was in my original D&D group...and by original, I mean the one I formed in the sixth grade. Friday evening I will be heading to town to run some World of Darkness for her, her husband, her cousin (who I used to play Vampire with back in the day), her mom, and my wife. It should be a good time. I'm tempted to bust out my all-purpose WoD one-shot, but I think the occasion warrants something new. Good thing I've got all of tomorrow and all day Friday to work on it.

Tonight we are supposed to run steampunk Savage Worlds, though it might get pushed back to tomorrow night.

I was at the used bookstore today, and lo and behold, everything was 20% off. I ended up buying an old Ravenloft boxed set. It's missing the Ravenloft DM's screen, but whoever traded it in threw in the original 1983 Ravenloft module and another module about zombies. Sweet.

Failing to make any online gaming materialize, (which seems to be a recurring theme with me) I joined a gee-plus group that sets up and runs games over gee-plus. Maybe I should just let someone else do all the heavy lifting.

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  1. Have you tried ConstantCon?