Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Begins Again

Okay, so I finally roll into 2012 with a post... a bit late to the party. The first week after winter break is always insanely busy.

I'm starting Beowulf tomorrow, (as I usually do at the beginning of a new semester) which always makes me pine to play AD&D. Actually, this time around, it just makes me want to play something fantasy... not necessarily AD&D. I think I'd like to try RuneQuest/OpenQuest/Legend or Tunnels & Trolls or Warhammer set in or near Norsca or even, gods help me, The Riddle of Steel. I don't know... I need something with trolls.
Mike is going to be restarting his pseudo-Hellfrost AD&D game in a couple of weeks.

I've been playing a steady stream of Stars Without Number with the Sunday group. I love the game dearly. The session tonight did not go so well for us, though I still made 3rd level.

The Sunday group has been vastly depleted in numbers. Real life stuff with Josh and Nathan (good real life stuff, mind you) has necessitated their leaving the group, as Sundays don't work for them, and non-Sundays don't work for the rest of the group. We are dipping our toe in the water of recruitment, but... that can be a dark and maddening road.

I suppose I should dash off a little bit of Obligatory New Year Reflection...

2011 was not a fabulous year for me, GM-wise. I ran a Mongoose Traveller game that didn't go so well and soured me on the game for a long time afterward. I ran a Stars Without Number game that was going well, started a Pathfinder game, but PF went disastrously and burned me out on GMing hard core. I ran an SWN one shot at Local Con that went pretty well and started up a sporadically played all-ladies game with the missus and two of her friends that turned out to be loads of fun. I ran Death Frost Doom for the Sunday group somewhere in there... everybody died and I think they all hated it except for Josh, who wins the award for Second Coolest Death While Playing Death Frost Doom.

Overall, I learned that my old group from this town simply does not work anymore. The Sunday group has lost members and now totters along with a GM and three players, where at our zenith, we had eight.

This year...WILL BE DIFFERENT. I have another installment of the ladies' steampunk game ready to go, and I've started a few sketches for some campaigns that I will run in some theoretical alternate future when I have an abundance of free time. (Well, I will have an abundance of free time come summer...the problem is that virtually nobody else will...)

I'm looking forward to seeing what all you chuckleheads come up with in 2012.

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  1. SWN Sunday Game - 1 NPC MIA, 2 (of 3) PCs brought to 0hp. Luckily, the surviving PC drags them to hospital...hopefully, our search for another player goes better them that!!