Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Gaming

We had some new blood at the Sunday game tonight, and it was also the best session we've had in a couple of weeks. (In my opinion, anyway) I think the new guy is going to work out just fine. We played Mindy's SWN game again. I'm still a little iffy about being the only warrior class in the group, especially since I designed this character to be a "dart in and sneak attack" sort of guy and not a "wade in" sort of guy. Still, a surfeit of experts means we pretty much have skills covered.

...a den of space-nazi halflings...semi-cannibalistic ones, at that. Sometimes our SWN campaign almost seems to have a dash of Encounter Critical in it. (Though I am fairly certain that Mindy is not familiar with EC)

Josh will be returning to our group next week, which means there exists the possibility that we will be able to finish his long running Deadlands game. (Part III, anyway... not sure if he ever intended to do a Part IV)


  1. ergh hadn't thought much about running deadlands but I still have my notes on it somewhere around here.....

  2. DEADLANDS..! Ryan, you need a Fafhrd for your Grey Mouser... BTW, you're right, never heard of Encounter Critical...but rest assured, I'll steal fun ideas from anywhere ;^)

  3. Josh- Don't feel obligated... Mike is on deck to do his AD&D game. I do know that we all hope to finish Part III at some point in the future. :)

    Mindy- Encounter Critical is free to download. It reminds me of your game because it has classical Tolkienesque fantasy races adventuring alongside alien races from classic science fiction.

  4. Oh, and now that I think about it, a premise not all that far removed from SWN...


  6. or Helfrost vs Deadlands.
    DIH DIH DIH DA-DA-DA-DA-TAH mmmmrrreewah.

  7. ok i'm done.
    queue lonely hitchhiker music