Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Turnaround

Right, so, I was working on this post chronicling my frustrations with gaming lately...

With one group member promoted at work and another a new daddy, our dwindling numbers dwindled even further. Mike made a flyer to advertise our group. Out of like five local gaming stores he took it to, one of them said "they'd think about it" (I was there Saturday night- no flyer in sight) and three flat-out refused.

Meanwhile, my Tuesday game has not been running. The missus and her friend are regularly going to the gym now, and I've become quite busy as well: the after school program I teach, my martial arts training, the fact that I am now accompanying them to the gym a few nights a week, and the hour or two I spend reviewing lessons and tweaking assignments for my main teaching gig every night.

There were a few other things to grumble about, and then, out of the blue, my problems solved themselves.

-The missus suggested that I run the Tuesday game as a serial- I create a complete case/episode/adventure that we can resolve in a night or two of gaming. It turns out that what I have prepared fits that bill quite nicely. We'll do an episode, and then we'll put it on the shelf until I get time to pen another outing for our lovely steampunk adventurers. I've been so used to the weekly or every-other-weekly model of gaming that I was unable to think outside the box.

-I happened to text a former member of the Sunday group (and an alumnus from my AD&D1e game) and he asked me if the Sunday game was still on. He has Sundays free and today he rejoined the game.

-Mike started his viking/Hellfrost AD&D 2nd ed game back up and it was every bit as delightful as it was when we left off.

-Noble Knight is carrying the new edition of Carcosa and it isn't quite as expensive as I anticipated. (Last time I checked I couldn't find it on the site) I think I might use a bit of tax monah to procure a copy., I've deleted the previous gloomy entry, as I am all smiles about gaming right now.


Oh, and I have tomorrow off as well. :)


  1. Sad that the gaming stores wouldn't post local gaming group ads/notices (note: Bellevue [NE] Ground Zero was cool enough to post our ad). I had been looking for a group for quite along time before I found our group on Meetup. I wish the game stores were more supportive!!!

  2. I thought every FLGS had a bulletin board where patrons could advertise their games. That's really lame that some owners won't do that. It seems counter-intuitive, unless they want all gaming activities to take place at their location.

  3. You may have noticed that I omit the "F" whenever I talk about the LGS scene around here. There's a reason for it.

    Ground Zero in Bellevue, on the other hand, has absolutely top notch customer service.

    The places around here want the gaming in their stores, and almost all of it is 4th Ed/Encounters, Magic, Warhammer, HeroClix, etc.

    I mean, I get it, they want to keep the customers in the store and they want to promote the games that require a steady stream of purchases. (Minis,boosters, etc.) I want to play my moldering old school games that I don't need to buy anything for.

  4. But our Sunday game does not conflict with their gaming schedules. Just as well I suppose. Last time I played at a gaming store, I was boxed in by two dudes that never bathed and were horrible players.