Monday, January 16, 2012

Yeah, yeah, f'tagn and all that.

I was at the used bookstore today and stumbled across a copy of Call of Cthulhu, "5.5" edition. It was seven bucks (before discount), so I picked it up.

Considering how much I used to love Lovecraft (wow, that was awkwardly phrased) and considering Cthulhu's ubiquitous presence in both gaming and geek culture in general, CoC represents kind of an odd hole in my gaming collection and experience. In fact, I have only ever played CoC once. (I also ran a d20 CoC one shot once, but I sort of don't count that) Well... scratch that off the list, I guess.
I was once told that Cthulhu's stat block states that he automatically kills 1d6 characters per round. I always assumed that was a joke... turns out it isn't. (It's actually 1d3 characters per round, but really...who's counting?)

I also picked up the Castles Fornlorn boxed set for old Ravenloft. It seems like something that the ladies (wife and friend) would enjoy playing, even if it is D&D with no feats or skills...


  1. I loved Castles Forlorn when I read it in high school. The time shifting, the endgame of the module. Very fun. I'd love to hear if you actually get to run it.

  2. I think it *was* d6 investigators per turn at one point. I guess they caved in to the Cthulhu power gamer lobby.