Thursday, February 23, 2012


My Pathfinder minis arrived today, nearly five days ahead of schedule.
(A brief aside... my experiences with El Cheapo shipping lately have been marvelous)

Here's the list: (the short version: no repeats!)

-Orc Brute
-Orc Warrior
-Goblin Warrior
-Goblin Hero
-Human Ranger
-Dire Rat
-Venomous Snake
-Watch Guard
-Watch Officer
-Dwarf Fighter
-Gnome Fighter
-Giant Caveweaver Spider

This is a haul I'm pretty pleased with, aside from the total lack of spellcasters. (Though I have other spellcaster figures) It buffed up my common monster reserves. I'm thinking about maybe buying one more, though I'm certainly not depraved (or wealthy) enough to buy a case of them... ;)

The figures are pretty high quality for being plastic. I also like that, Caveweaver aside, the figures are generic enough to be used in about any fantasy game. (And really, the caveweaver is just fine if you need a Goddamn Big Ass Spider)

The lack of repeats offsets my default position of ire with regards to randomly packaged minis. Hats off, Paizo... I might not be the world's #1 d20 fan, but you're a pretty damn good game company.

Holy shit, that was almost a review... I need to go self-flagellate.

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