Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Guys

We added another guy last week to our Sunday group. He's turned out fine so far. This week we added another new guy. He fit right in and I think will be an awesome addition to the group. He also lives near me, so I ended up giving him a ride home, and he and I speak the same language about a lot of things when it comes to gaming. I hope these two stick around, because we have a pretty damn comfortable number. In fact, if some of our wayward souls come back, we might once again be able to describe the group as "large."

New Guy #2 loves Savage Worlds, which is a plus. If he takes a turn in the GM's seat, he said he'd most likely run a steampunk samurai game called Iron Dynasty. (How did I not hear about this before?)

The game was epic today. We played Mike's AD&D/Helfrost campaign. We killed fifty orcs. (No, really) Ecglaf (my skald PC) has inadvertently become a local hero. We're also planning some mass combats against the hated Jotun, for which Mike has decided to use the Siege Engine system from the Rules Cyclopedia. (At least, I think that was the name of it... I haven't actually used that system since I was in like 7th grade) Mike decided to be brutal and start the new guys at 1st level. Despite running with 4th level companions, they managed to do pretty well for themselves.

We are totally defending a town under siege next time, and then we play to lay siege to an orc/ogre fortress. Hot damn.

Next week is Stars Without Number. I think we're going to be tracking down a vampire. (Like I said, sometimes this SWN game seems to have some Encounter Critical flavor)

I also gamed on Saturday this weekend, and I'm trying a new approach to world-building, but I think I'll throw that in another post.


  1. I agree, both new guys seem awesome...still miss Nate and Josh. If they ever break free from their Sunday obligations, we'll have quite the large group! I'm going to have to look up the Encounter Critical thing you keep talking about. Still working on a plan to separate a killable chunk of superorcs off the 240 outside the city walls...

  2. fighting jotun? steampunk samurai? aw man I really need sundays off again

  3. I will state the next game will be more awesome than all those before. It will take everything that has happened before and then some. But you guys did kill five times your number running in. And the orcs suprrounding you are the same five times your numer (aside from sneaky stuff), plus you have help of an army on the way in 3 days. A pretty good time will be had :)