Sunday, February 26, 2012

RIFTS Session 1

RIFTS today.

...I don't know. I wasn't feeling it. I watched, more than participated, in the session. Part of it was that my spells weren't picked out (I rolled up an elf ley line walker) and it took me awhile to comb through the might Book of Magic.

The GM has instituted some house rules:
1. There is no MDC...everything is SDC. I'm guessing the numbers on a few attacks and weapons might have to be adjusted, but we'll play that by ear.

2. The initiative works something like older edition Shadowrun, where you roll some d6, act on that number, and then subtract 10 to find out when you go again until you hit zero. The number of dice you roll is based on how many attacks per melee you would've had according to the rules as written. Combat actually seems to move a little faster, with everyone only attacking between one and three times.

3. Critical hits don't do double damage, they require a roll on a custom critical hit table. The roll of a 1 sends you to a critical fumble table.

I'm a little concerned that combat against heavy armor opponents will take longer, since you now have to chew through their armor, then personal SDC, then hit points, whereas in the Rules-As-Written, they are toast the next shot after you finish their MDC. This is combined with the fact that everyone now attacks only 1-3 times, instead of 6-7. We'll have to see. I actually wasn't focused enough to really see how fast combat unfolded.

Our campaign began with a CS prison break; a ragtag band of d-bees, "traitors", and other undesirables were trying to bust their way out. The session got bogged down as our first attempt failed miserably and then we had to sit and wait for the GM to roll the effects of indoctrination on two of the PCs who started the riot. I, as a player, kind of ran out of steam. Maybe I will be more into it next time.

Next week, we continue the viking saga of Mike's game. After our triumphant defense of the orc siege against seemingly insurmountable odds, we make plans to hire some Roman mercenaries and take the fight to the enemy.

Game on, amigos.


  1. I have to say, I love reading your Rifts posts. I have purchased, read, sold, re-purchased, re-sold so many Rifts books over the years...and yet haven't been able to play/run a game since high school! I'm glad someone's making an attempt to play the sucker (since it has so much creative potential), and I'm sorry but I'm glad you struggle so much with it (so many of your posts on Rifts express frustration and disappointment) makes me happy I'm not the only one!
    : )

  2. Actually, the critical hit thing is reversed. If you have a critical miss, an additional roll of 20 allows a normal hit on your target. The least a critical hit can do is +1d6 or max damage. Be assured, magic will be useful if you guys get out of CS prison...

  3. Love Rifts, played a lot in high school, but man does it suffer from splatbook bloat! Ugh, they churn out the crap over at Palladium at a record pace, don't they? Glad someone is keeping the flame alive, though.

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  5. The Orc general broods over the remains of the army. This small village was suppose to be dead by now. But thanks to those blasted heros and their cursed fire tactics, his troops were killed or demoralized. There is that devil that has promised aid but who can trust devils.
    Vengance shall be Mine he screams at the village walls!

  6. I wonder if my sweetheart village Bard is strong enough to haul around an Orc General killin' ballista if I buy one...;^>