Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tinkerin' Tinkerin'

Still working on my Sansaran race write-ups. I didn't realize just how much Pathfinder had kicked up the power level on races, so I'm trying to rewrite these races so that they are roughly as desirable to play as their ordinary, Tolkien-esque Pathfinder equivalents. I have a rough draft of each of the races. I also have plenty of time, because we probably aren't going to be able to play much for about a month... the missus is going out of town one week, her friend is going out of town another week, and both of them have some other things coming up. Le sigh. I have to resist the urge to start tinkering too much, or I'm going to fall into the same over-development trap that I always do.

Meanwhile, one of the members of the Sunday group has hinted that he would like to see me run one of the following games someday: Shadowrun (2nd edition), Savage Worlds (Deadlands specifically, but anything SW), RIFTS (Dinosaur Swamp), or Gamma World. (I own 2nd and 4th edition, but honestly I'd rather run Mutant Future... practically the same, just with better rules) I'm not sure how strong the hint was, so for the time being I'll just sketch a few ideas in the ol' notebook once or twice a week before I hit the hay.

I have also decided that I'm going to buy a brick of Pathfinder minis next month, just because I can...and, quite possibly, the new hardcover Carcosa.

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