Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elementary, My Dear Evil

I picked up mo' gaming stuff last weekend. I found a small treasure trove of classic modules at the Local Game Store. I picked up Earthshaker!, Isle of Dread, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Escape from Thunder River, plus some 2nd edition module called Wild Things. (The pack was actually supposed to contain the DM Screen and Escape from Thunder River, but there was an extra mod in there, and it only cost three bucks, so I can't complain. Besides, I have the old Combat Shield.) My Temple of Elemental Evil is missing a few maps...anyone know where I can find them online?

I'm tempted to run Elemental Evil this summer. I was going to run Dinosaur Swamp, but I'm not sure my RIFTS Conversion will be done in time. (Though I am making slow but steady progress since I nailed down two of the problematic classes) I could also just run Dinosaur Swamp using Gamma World, Mutant Future, or even AD&D... just crib the setting, essentially.

My gaming group isn't meeting for three weeks. I guess I have plenty of time to think this over.

...I really need to get that Tuesday night game going...


  1. I have the complete Temple. Let me know if you can not find the maps elsewhere.

  2. Much appreciated. I'll look around this week and see if I can't find the missing maps online.

  3. A Dinosaur Swamp game via Mutant Future sounds pretty sweet! Curious...why did you shift your Rifts conversion from SWN to AD&D?

  4. The answer is very hippy-like, but I just have a better vibe between AD&D and RIFTS than I do with SWN and RIFTS. With my SWN conversion, my brain just seemed to stall out, whereas the AD&D conversion has flowed pretty steadily.

    I guess I just see a better conceptual map between the two.

    Yeah, that makes me sound like a total goddamn hippy.

  5. Actually that makes perfect sense to me. Rifts is based on Palladium System which was based on D&D, SWN is to me more of a Traveller/D&D mash up. So I can see where you are coming from. : )