Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grabbing Up Gaming Stuff

Stuff I bought this week:

1. The AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual with the cool cover (red dragon vs. pegasi) as opposed to the dumb looking cartoony cover.

2. Exalted 2nd Edition- I was always curious about Exalted but never had a chance to check it out.

3. Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd Edition- My quest to grab all the old school White Wolf core books continues. Well...okay, not all of them... just Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage. (I already have Wraith and am considering adding Changeling to the quest)

4. Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade- Another one I always wanted but never got.

5. Star Trek Deep Space 9 the RPG- A gift for a friend, actually. She is a huge Trek fan, particularly of DS9, and also a gamer. Plus, it was on clearance, because I don't think anyone in the world except her would still have any interest in this.

The best part is that I snagged all of these books for under ten bucks each... in fact, Trek was like two bucks.

My frustration with not gaming as much as I want to appears to have converted into rabid collecterism. I know collecterism isn't a real word; I just don't care.


  1. Exalted is such a massive "and the kitchen sink" game in terms of what's in the world. I love the creativity that went into ripping off so many other ideas and making them all fit together, as well as putting new spins on them. Unfortunately I think there's just so much crunch in the system itself that unless you have the time and inclination to learn it that it's quite a barrier to entry. Plus it suffers from splat book power creep and the fact that some of the later 'core' splats have significantly better mechanics for their Exalted champions than the Solars in the original book.

    Personally I think playing Dragon blooded or mortals puts the game in a much more fun place than playing Solars, but running around being awesome as a demigod is top fun too.

  2. I loathe werewolf 2e. I wish there was a restraining order between it and vtm 2e. Mage, I'm pretty sure is completely unplayable.

    If I had the 90s to do over gaming-wise, I'd just buy the vtm 2e corebook and ignore everything else white wolf put out, focus more on some of the awesome D&D stuff that was still on the shelves.

  3. James-
    I thought I posted a comment earlier this morning, but blogger seems to have eaten it.
    I don't really plan on buying into the mountain of splat books for Exalted, especially since all of the Sidereal/Lunar/etc. splats are the size of corebooks unto themselves. No splats, no splat creep. ;)

    I wish there was a restraining order between it and vtm 2e.

    I'm not sure what you mean. I ran plenty of VtM that never had a single werewolf in it, nor anything from WtA's cosmology. I never dug on crossovers...when vampires showed up in my hunter game, they weren't Gangrel or Lasombra or whatever; they were just vampires.

    Mage is difficult to play, yes, but I'd hardly call it unplayable. You have to make sure you have players who dig on an open-ended magic system and they need to have a good handle on what their Spheres do. A lot of my friends actually preferred to play hedge mages for just that reason. I actually find Awakening to be a little bland by comparison.

    I have VtM Revised...I'd like to get my hands on the 2e corebook, mainly because I liked the artwork and presentation better.

  4. Ryan, You should work up a Vampire/AD&D crossover...Think how cool it would be! PCs would play vampires (vampiri?) from the different (houses?) with vampire powers in a AD&D setting. All the while there would be an overshadow of vampire politics (the PCs could avoid or embrace that part). Playing evil would attract the attention of paladins, hunters, etc.