Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Run the Citadel of Evil

Yesterday I went to a game day hosted by one of the local cons in the months preceding their big fall convention. I was excited to play All Flesh Must Be Eaten, but the dude who was supposed to run it didn't show. Irritating.
However, I had my bag with me, in within that bag I always keep the two B/X D&D books, some paper, and a module. Last night I had Stuart Robinson's "pocket module" in my bag and decided to do a pickup game. It was a blast, and I have some good "jumping off" ideas based on some flavor and world details I inserted on the fly.
We didn't quite finish, but most of the players are planning to attend another little gaming con next month, so we have tentative plans to finish it off then. (We ran out of time just as they were storming the cult's shrine to the sinister Slime Lord)

I found myself willing to let the players add little flavor details to the game. The simplicity of B/X begs to be tinkered with. Some of the younger players were asking to be things like "spellswords" and "blood mages." I said sure, why not. It really didn't have much of an effect on the game mechanically, but being able to say "yeah, I'm a blood mage" seemed to make the game more enjoyable for some of the players. I did give him a minor special ability at one point in the game because it seemed thematically appropriate to his background, and he never asked to use it again. The players had a lot of fun and so did I. I might build off of some of the flavor ideas I had for my next B/X campaign setting. The success of the session really left me wanting to get some B/X going in the foreseeable future.

I'm going to have to check and see if Mr. Robinson has some other pocket modules up. Citadel of Evil really came in handy for a fun pickup game.

I'm gearing up to leave for my Sunday game in about ten minutes. We had several people cancel at the last minute and there will be some random stranger there today that nobody really knows, which dampens my enthusiasm considerably. I've tried to contact the DM, but I'm not sure he got my message about how many empty seats we are going to have today. I might slip something into my bag just in case he doesn't want to run with a skeleton crew. (Mike's campaign is pretty challenging and it's tough to roll without a full crew, let alone a half-crew...) We'll see how it goes.


  1. you guys always get off pretty easily. Osric leaving just as the viking war group emerges from the mist was awesome for me. I did plan to have them show up at the blackest hour. Plus it will give the party the chance to take on the keep,,,, if they dare!
    The general leaves with his trophy axe to mount on his wall...

  2. Yeah, my group had a great time playing that module too. It's inspirational, fitting so much on 1 piece of paper...