Thursday, April 26, 2012


I like Chill.
I like it quite a bit.
I like it enough that I went back to the LGS and bought all the Chill stuff they had. (Super cheap, btw)
 I think RAX is the coolest RPG bad buy/commentating NPC I've seen in awhile.
 I now think I prefer horror games where the loss of Sanity/Humanity/Morality is not mechanically regulated.
I think this is what I'm going to run at the Local Convention this summer. (Previously I've only run B/X D&D and various derived games like Stars Without Number and Mutant Future.)
I'm also thinking I might give this a try on the "off" Tuesdays. (A couple of the players in my upcoming WFRP 2 game expressed interest in playing something every week instead of every other.)
That's all for now.
All hail RAX.


  1. Coincidentally, I just found and posted the playtest ruleset for what would have been Chill Third edition (Otherworld games). It looks like it would have been awesome. I like the streamlined Action Table-like system:

  2. BV- Mayfair.

    Sniderman- Interesting to see that Jess Heinig was involved. I always wondered what happened to him after his White Wolf days. Too bad this never made it to the bookshelves.