Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conversion, Ho!

My RIFTS rewrite is coming along, slow and...well, I guess I wouldn't say steady.

I think I'm finished with character classes for now; there are a few things left to hammer out, but I think I can say that I have knocked out a testable version of each one.

My list of classes thus far:

Men of Arms: Merc Soldier, Headhunter, Psi-Knight, Juicer. These are roughly analogous to the fighter, ranger, paladin, and barbarian. The Headhunter takes cues from the 1st edition ranger while the Juicer is actually a bit of a hybrid between 1st and 3rd edition barbarian. I remade the Cyber Knight into the Psi-Knight, which fits the class concept a little better for me. I'm considering adding the Crazy as an analogue to the monk.

Practitioners of Magic: Ley Line Walker, Shifter, Mystic, Techmage. The LLW and Shifter are basically different variations on the AD&D magic-user. The Mystic is actually almost unchanged. The Techmage (which is a placeholder name but sounds less unwieldy to me than Techno-Wizard) still needs a bit of fleshing out in terms of his ability to create magical batteries and weapons, but I have a simple system converted for permanently imbuing spells into items.

Adventurers: Rogue Scholar, City Rat, Wilderness Scout. The Rogue Scholar is sort of a bard-like character, with a few lore specializations and the potential to learn a little bit of magic. This class is actually sort of an amalgamation of the original class, Rogue Scientist, Body Fixer, and Cyber-Doc; you can really make an of those characters with this fairly customizable class. The City Rat is essentially the AD&D thief, with an option to make him more assassin-like. The Wilderness Scout is actually sort of like the 2nd edition ranger.

Psychics: Mind Melter and Burster. I've left these concepts mostly intact. I'm considering a rename of both classes.

In terms of combat and saving throws, I'm essentially using the class groups from AD&D 2nd edition. Men of Arms are obviously Warriors, Practitioners of Magic are Wizards, Adventurers are Rogues and Psychics are Priests.

My next move is to knock out the races. There are countless races available to play in this setting, but I think I'm only going to stat up about 7-10, including humans. I was also considering creating some templates for Mutants and D-Bees so that players could try to approximate their favorite race. I dunno....that seems like a lot of work. One thing I am decided on, though, is that race and class will always, always be separate things. (In the RIFTS RAW, some races have racial character classes, some must choose a regular class,and some have both options)

After that, I'm going to make an insane attempt to merge the magic systems of RIFTS and AD&D, then try to port over RIFTS Psionics, then make a simplified equipment system, then do proficiencies (don't hate!)...



  1. Sounds like things are moving along nicely on this project! I gotta admire your effort! That's alot to convert!

  2. I'm pretty sure my gaming group thinks I'm certifiably insane for working on this.

    I'm not even sure I can argue with them.

  3. LOL, please keep posting about it! : )

  4. I've said it before and I will say it again. Your dedication to RIFTS is commendable. I love the way you keep trying to wrangle sense out of a system that can be so tough to handle. Man, we used to have some fun playing RIFTS while draining bottles of Lucky Lager and arguing over the missile dodging rules.

    Good times...

  5. See? Now if you were using a B/X base instead of AD&D, you wouldn't have to worry about statting up races (just classes).

    I hope you're only taking the OCCs and RCCs that are "cool to you," not just every thang in the basic Rifts book. I notice no Glitter Boy...but then that could just be due to the lack of an analogous AD&D class?

    [*ahem* "cavalier"]

    This is a cool exercise/project'll probably get a lot out of it.
    : )

  6. JB- Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.
    Glitter Boy is a "magical" item akin to an artifact. Anybody with the Power Armor proficiency can pilot one, if they can ever find one.

    Lum- I wanted a Vagabond, if only so that there would be the same number of adventurer classes as warrior and mage classes, but I couldn't think of any abilities for him... since he essentially has none.