Monday, April 23, 2012

Conversion Notes Continued

The RIFTS Magic and Psi conversion still isn't going well.

I'm thinking here's the deal with magic:

1. AD&D Magic spells. Wizard and Priest spells are merged together; there is no divine magic.
2. Fixed cost of 5 PPE per spell level, with cantrips costing a mere 2 PPE each.
3. Spells that I feel should be ported over from RIFTS shall be.
4. Ley Line Walkers, Shifters, Techmagi, and Mystics will have separate spell lists,the way magic-users and illusionists did in AD&D 1.
5. I'll probably leave ranges the same for now and see how well it plays out. Ranged weapons in my conversion actually have range penalties now, and it is much more difficult to hit a target. (Armor now provides an AC to hit, rather than just having to roll 8+ like in RIFTS as written.)

Now, as for psionics....

Ugh. I was planning on using the psionics system from AD&D 2nd edition, but I don't like that you have to roll to use your psi power. (Then again, warriors have to roll to attack and city rats have to roll to use skills...) At any rate, I either have to reorganize the AD&D powers into the RIFTS categories, or else rewrite the converted RIFTS classes so that their powers come from the AD&D psionic categories. I will probably also have to convert the technology based psi, since it has no AD&D equivalent, and the special Burster powers that all revolve around fire. Fun fun.

I have put entirely too much work into this to give up!


  1. Are you asking for brainstorming help, or just venting?

    Remember when you were rolling ISP and PPE into a single stat in order to "trim the fat?" What happened there? I mean, if you just called the thing PE ("psychic energy") or whatnot, than it would simply be a matter of assigning point costs to psychic powers (psykers in Rifts don't have levels of power, simply minor and major o various amounts, right?).

    Personally, I would simply force psykers to spend HPs to power their psionics. When they reach 0 they fall unconscious from exhaustion. But that's just me.
    : )

  2. I do want there to be some distinction between psionics and magic. I might just create "power lists" for the classes, assign 5 PE/level and be done with it.

    ....err, then I'd have to assign the powers a level. Psionic powers don't have levels in either D&D or RIFTS.

    I'm saying no on the hp thing, though... in my conversion, hit points actually matter, unlike in RIFTS as written. In my game, 0 hp means you are dying. (Possibly dead already)

  3. Who said anything about "not dying" from using psionics? Haven't you read Steven King's novel FIRESTARTER?

    I totally agree not to put levels to psi powers (though doesn't the MM RCC limit some powers to characters of 4th level?). It's one of the real distinctions between the two power types (magic and psi).

    P.S. Since Simbieda is obviously on board with the "race as class" thang (OCCs versus RCCs) any consideration to basing your game on BX/LL instead of AD&D2?