Monday, April 2, 2012

An errant thought

WotC, I am probably not going to buy D&D 5E. it doesn't matter that Cook is in on the design. It doesn't matter that the game is modular. I don't even care if you bundle it with a goddamn candy bar like Eden did with All Flesh Must Be Eaten*, I'm probably going to give it, and all future editions of D&D, a pass.

However, I will pay you money by the bloody bucketful for your legacy product PDFs. If you put out archives of the Dragon, I will buy them. If you put out all the wonderful old AD&D 2nd edition PDFS, I will buy them. I will buy 1st edition. I will will buy every single classic module, even the weird British ones.

This is a complete reversal to my "PDFs baaaaaaaad!" stance that I have held for years. I'm at the point where, if they were made available on the right device, I would be willing to go partially digital. (I still prefer books to PDFs, but I prefer PDFs to books that are badly damaged or difficult to replace)

The thing that finally did it was finding the Dark Sun books at the half priced bookstore, but finding them so badly damaged that I wouldn't even pay the few dollars they wanted for the books. (These things barely survived my flipping through them...they'd never last crammed on a bookshelf or being used in an actual gaming session.)

I realize that all my old D&D stuff is decaying. Maybe they won't fall apart today, maybe not in five years, but eventually they are going to get fragile enough that I'm not going to want to use them. They are also going to become increasingly difficult, and expensive, to replace.

I think that WotC is as likely to open the vault as they are to create a D&D V(ersailles)- see what I did there?- that unites the fan base and has LBB lovers breaking bread with 4E guys.

Still, a guy can dream.


  1. I love the idea I have seen advanced elsewhere of making ALL editions and their supplements available via .pdf and - best of all - POD. Man, that would be great. Let people choose their favorite D&D and give WotC money to do so. I don't understand why that's not a viable option.

  2. Yeah, I don't understand why they don't do this. It's not like record labels stop selling Elvis or whatever when they also have new music to sell. The only think I can think of is the labor to scan, OCR, and correct the old material. But I bet they could get some trustworthy volunteers to do that if they really wanted to.

  3. I converted a while ago. Unless its the core rules that I need at the table (I like the convenience of flipping to my correct page) I like my PDFs.

    Read great on a table and less filling! ;)

    1. I find I still haven't mastered the context switching required during play when using my iPad, so I still use books or (optimally) printouts in a binder.

      But the tablet is great for reading game books outside of play.

  4. Yeah, I know I would throw TONS of money at WoTC for pdfs (or even better POD) of early edition rules, modules, etc. They have no idea how much money they'd make off me. And I know I can't possibly be the only one...