Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Ready to Game

So...I guess I'm one of those once-a-week guys now.

I'm making steady progress on the RIFTS-to-AD&D conversion, especially now that I have Nathan (formerly of the Sunday group) helping me. Right now we're trying to decide on the scale of weapons and the "killability" of 1st level characters and Coalition Grunts. (I basically view them as the orcs of the RIFTS world.) We're also toying with proficiencies, mostly using AD&D and the "First Edition Skills" PDF as a road map. Today we started talking about magic, which is going to be....daunting.

We're not sure what we're doing with Mega-Damage, if anything. I'm kind of keen to just have one damage system, and say that high-tech armor just ignores sufficiently low-tech weapons, a la Stars Without Number.

Meanwhile, I've been putting together a Tuesday night group, mainly composed of people who had to leave the Sunday game due to scheduling conflicts and people from previous games of mine that were disbanded due to similar woes. I'm going to run something fantasy. My short list at this point is AD&D 1st edition, B/X D&D, Pathfinder, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. (Probably 2nd edition, but possibly 1st) I need to get it narrowed down, because I want to start in like three weeks, give or take.
I miss the joy of running a campaign, and I double-miss hosting my game at my house.

I've been invited to play in a game of Rogue Trader. From what I understand, this is a break from the group's usual D&D game. I will probably give RT a try, but I'm not sold on joining another gaming group. I actually prefer to run games rather than play them, and I don't think I have the time or patience for three groups.

I have also started MUDding again. There is something comforting and simple about it. It may be fairly mindless, but I enjoy exploring a world that I still have to imagine.

A dude tried to recruit me for his online gaming convention....yes, an online tabletop convention. I just don't dig on online tabletop. This makes absolutely no sense coming from a guy who just admitted to playing a text MUD, but there it is. I "sat in" on a session briefly, and as I mentioned before, something about it just instantly turned me off. I think it's because online tabletop, to me, is a simulation of tabletop gaming, not a replacement, not an equivalent. I know a MUD is a MUD and I'm not trying to use it to replace the tabletop experience.

A local gaming con is coming up next weekend... I'm thinking about running a quickie B/X dungeon. I did at the last local game day and had an absolute blast. I might do Mutant Future instead... I've had a slight MF bug lately.

Mike's viking game is this weekend, after a painful three week hiatus. That orcish castle is going down.

Happy days are here again, methinks.

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