Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Obscureness

I recently purchased online a copy of The Everlasting: Book of the Undying.
The only time I had ever seen this game is in the used bin of the game shop near my high school. It would have been around 1997-98. The game would be best described as a "World of Darkness Heartbreaker," though I am loathe to use Edwardsian jargon. It looks like the guy basically did the same with the other parts of the old World of Darkness. Anyway, if the game turns out to be crap, I paid less than two bucks for it. (I actually paid more for shipping the book than I did for the actual book)

Last night, I was at the LGS after the Sunday game when I chanced across two copies of Chill. I had only heard of this game, never seen it, but the people I know who played it absolutely loved it and had only good things to say. While I initially passed on buying it, I went back this morning and picked it up for posterity. If I don't like it, I can give it to one of them at the next con where we bump into each other.

While digging around in said store, I also came across a bevvy of old adventures for Star Ace, which I'm not at all familiar with. However, one of the adventures (Goodbye Kankee) was only a buck and looked like fun. I plan to convert it to Stars Without Number or Star Frontiers or something and run it at the next convention I attend.

It seems like for every game I get rid of, two more (and more obscure) games take its place. I'm cursed, I tell you.

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