Sunday, April 15, 2012

One of those sessions

Tonight was one of those sessions where everything goes horribly wrong, and you end up with really nothing to show for it.

Actually, I gained a level mainly because of "DM Magic," but aside from that, we blew our shot at taking out the enemy of a vastly superior force. I have no earthly idea what we're going to do now.

My MUD is frustrating me as well.

On the plus side, Nathan and I nailed down some important things in the RIFTS-to-AD&D conversion. There will be no Mega-Damage, but archaic weapons are still useless against high-tech armor and the average unarmored man will still be vaporized by a laser rifle blast. We're taking a different approach to power armor and vehicles, though... there's a separate scale between advanced infantry and advanced vehicles. Yeah, KS often touts the example that an MDC equipped character is the equivalent of a modern tank unto himself, but these aren't modern tanks; they are crazy ass FUTURE TANKS.

The idea of magic and psi power conversion still makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I have to admit we're kind of avoiding it while we finish weapons/armor, combat, and proficiencies.

I sent out the email to my potential Tuesday players. One of them seems to be confused and thinks I'm just putting together a group, when in fact I want to run a campaign, and I want to host it at my house. These are two items upon which I am not willing to negotiate. :) I might suggest that he run those things as alternates for the couple of weeks I have to be out of town this summer.

Local gaming con coming up this weekend. I'm not sure if I missed the deadline. I should check. Apparently there is a lot of Pathfinder on the roster. I think they could use some...diversification. Maybe I should run something that hardly ever gets any love. Hmm....Mutant Future? Star Frontiers?

Let me contemplate.

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