Friday, April 6, 2012

Time To Get A New Notebook

It's clear as day.

I want to run a campaign.

That is what I want to do.

The desire to be a player is secondary at best.

This is not commentary on any game I am presently involved in. This is a building, nagging thing that stems from the very essence of what I get out of gaming; what I always have gotten out of gaming.

I am presently watching a play by chat game of the Savage Worlds Solomon Kane setting. Although I have been invited to participate, I can already tell that I really have no interest. This, to me, is not gaming. It is an approximation of gaming, but it isn't the real thing, any more than is the text-based MUD I have running in another window.

I guess I should amend that to say that it isn't gaming to me. I know some of you out there in Blogland have had great success with it. Hell, the game I was watching is on session #52. I was not at all drawn in by the setup.

I have received some encouraging feedback from Nathan on my Palladium/AD&D conversion. I will continue work on it tomorrow... perhaps nail down the races.

My new goal is to start a new campaign of something before summer break starts.


  1. Dino-Swamp!! I need to blow up somethin' with "saurus" at the end of its name...

  2. I'll probably run Dinosaur Swamp with Mutant Future. Nathan and I are working on the big ol' RIFTS conversion, but it might be awhile before we even have a draft that is test-worthy.