Monday, May 14, 2012

Alas, poor Osric, I knew him....

I neglected to mention that I did not attend my usual Sunday game this week. (Massive piles of grading, and with senior grades being due tomorrow, I had to get my rear in gear.) I found out that one of the players lost a character, a longtime character in this particular campaign. As one of the people in the party who can use healing spells, I feel a little bit responsible for his death. I have also noticed that bad mojo seems to go down in games when I am not around.

On the other hand, Mindy's multiclass character hit 5th level in her mage class, which means she can now cast fireball. Given the number of trolls and frost giants present in this setting, that spell will be a most welcome addition to the party's arsenal.

Looking forward to Deadlands this weekend, and my first "real" session of WFRP2 next week.

(Oh, plus that whole summer vacation thing...)

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