Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Brush With Grimdarkness

Today I played a session of Rogue Trader with a colleague's husband's group.
(Tangential note- there are apparently now five standalone rpgs set in the 40K universe; last time I checked there were only three)

I have to say that I don't dig the career system in Rogue Trader. It feels a lot more limited than the one in WFRP. I also can't help but find the setting of the 40K universe to be comical. The universe is soooofuckinggrim that it seems almost like self-parody. I particularly like the little cybernetic skull you can get to do menial tasks for you. 

I ended up making an Astropath, a psychic who is soul-bound to the God-Emperor and who is rendered blind by a crazy ass ritual that is both grim and dark. Unfortunately, the starting powers he got from said ritual made me feel about as useful as a 1st level mage who didn't roll sleep for his starting spell. For being blinded and soul-bound, I was hoping that I'd at least get the ability to melt someone's face or something. I actually used my laspistol more than anything else in the game session. (Luckily, being rendered blind by aforementioned ritual doesn't seem to carry any actual penalties, in ranged combat or otherwise.)

Will I play again? Unsure... the group was okay, but I'm not sold on Rogue Trader. I found that I kept thinking about how they could have made it more like WFRP. In fact, I don't get why (well, aside from being able to make five $60 core books) they didn't just do one 40K game and have numerous career paths, instead of many separate games focusing on only a limited range of character options. I mean, is having an Imperium Inquisitor and a Rogue Trader adventuring together all that much harder than having a Noble, a Rat Catcher, and an Agitator running around together?

Anyway, the next session isn't for a couple of weeks. I'll probably give it another shot.

Tomorrow is another session of Allias' Deadlands Reloaded game. We're supposed to have two new players at the game. I'm not even sure the previous new guy will be back. All this player turnover is making me feel dizzy.

My new campaign starts in less then 72 hours. I can't wait to be running again.

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  1. Dude...I'd "LOL" but it's so damn pathetic what you just described, it can only bring a grim-dark smirk to my face. Do you know how much money those books cost? Just so you can play a guy who shoots a laspistol (because it's your most effective tool). That's just...pathetic.

    Sorry. It just makes me so glad I skipped picking up those books, high production value or not.