Thursday, June 28, 2012

BTS Week 2

Tonight was my second session of attending the BTS game. I enjoyed it a lot.

A few things I will note:

-Combat is a bit of a grind. I've always thought this about Palladium. With SDC and hit points, as well as rolling to hit vs. rolling to parry/dodge, it can get a little bogged down. This was mitigated partially by the GM's ability to describe combat in exciting terms and to allow us to try different things, rather than just "you hit, you miss, blah blah." I will say that one thing about static defense in games (such as Armor Class in D&D) is that it speeds things up considerably.

-There was a second group in the basement tonight. At first I had a bit of difficulty concentrating with two high-energy GMs running their games, but gradually I found that I was able to zone out the other game. It helps that the BTS GM's style is very engaging.

-We solve the crap out of mysteries. I've seen groups of players optimized for combat, but never have I seen a group that can solve a murder mystery so fast. This is partially due to a lucky mix of character classes with complementary mystery-solving abilities, and a couple of handy skills. I enjoy the fact that I got to roll against my "Crime Scene Investigation" skill.

-I talked to one of the owners about possibly using the venue for a campaign of my own, and they went ahead and gave me the time slot.

Regrettably, there will be no BTS next week, as the GM and I will be out of town. (Of course, I will be out of town because I will be on the way to a gaming convention, so.... can't really complain.)

Now, I just need to figure out if I want to do SWN or DCC more. Maybe I should just alternate them. Maybe I should flip a coin.

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