Wednesday, June 27, 2012

d16 inspired rage

Zocchi dice make me want to punch orphans in the face.

More specifically, shopping for Zocchi dice and deciding whether or not I want to pay GameScience six dollars to ink my dice for me makes me want to punch orphans in the face.

I've downloaded a custom die roller for my smart phone that I have used to create virtual Zocchi dice, but this feels somehow unclean to me, plus it will be a pain in the ass for me to have to roll initiative for any fighters who happen to have a two handed weapons or what have you.

While I cannot punch orphans in the face without that pesky "legal reprisal" thing, I can log into my text MUD, unequip my sword, and go punch virtual orphans in their virtual faces.

That is all.


  1. I suppose it's heresy but I'm not a fan of the DCC dice chain, and just slap -2 or +2 on to a d20 to move up or down. The D5 and 7...just roll until you don't get a six or an eight.

  2. Your solution for the dice steps is delightfully simple. It does mess with the probability a little bit, but I think I can live.

    As for the d5, I just do a d10/2, much the same way that a d6 fills in for a d3.

    I just can't make myself pay twelve bucks plus shipping for a set of five, count them, five dice that I have to sit and rub crayon over. (Or test my miserable hand-eye coordination with a sharpie) That, or pay eighteen bucks plus shipping for the inked ones.

  3. I highly recommend the Deathspank games for your orphan-related-violence needs.

  4. I strongly recommend and the other tools on the Purple Sorcerer website.