Saturday, June 16, 2012


I recently sat in on a game of Beyond the Supernatural at my new favorite coffee/comic/game place. The game was run by a guy who ran a game of BTS at the Local Convention two or three years back that brought me around to the idea that it was in fact possible to have fun in a Palladium game. He is also a freelancer for Palladium. I enjoyed watching the session very much and have rolled up a character for next week's game.

At this point, I'm involved in four games, although two of them aren't weekly. This is not a sustainable situation, though I can get away with it for now because it's summertime.

I must say it is quite refreshing to see a game run at a local shop that isn't D&D Encounters or Pathfinder. Nothing against Pathfinder (though I have not been successful with it), but it often seems like the same stuff gets run at every shop. I'd like to run something there to see how well other non-D&D Encounters, non-Pathfinder rpgs do, but I'm a little too busy with gaming and training to really have time for something new. I just want to see this place succeed, because it's nice to have a nerd shop I enjoy visiting for a change.


  1. Palladium games are usually fun, you just can't examine the rules too closely. I think it really only got the reputation of "unplayable" once people got to hang out on internet forums and discuss games they've read but not played, and found the rules wanting. If you give it an honest attempt and aren't set against it, Palladium is fine.

  2. I do have problems with Palladium's rule system and I usually end up house-ruling it. My problems with it actually stem from trying to run the Robotech rpg in high school. I was neither set against it nor did I spend a lot of time on the internet in those days.

    I've actually found that the versions of Palladium's system that I like best are its older iterations like PFRPG 1st edition and the Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy.

    At its core, Palladium is heavily house ruled AD&D. I think some parts of the system (skills) work better for me than others. (Mega-Damage, SDC inflation)

  3. The 2nd edition BTS rules have been tweaked a bit, and for the better in my opinion. And in the end, as long as the GM is "Story before Rules" the system doesn't really matter, the game is always enjoyable.