Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Warhammer Critically Fumbles

My Tuesday game of Warhammer was canceled at the last minute.
We've canceled more than we play. I'm starting to think that this particular combination of players simply isn't going to work...which is too bad, because their chemistry at the table is a thing of beauty. However, heartless as it may seem, I am burning up valuable summer time, and I need to invest my creative energy in something that actually has some kind of yield, i.e. "sessions where people show up and we play."

At this point, I'm of two minds: part of me wants to give them one more chance to reconvene at our next scheduled session (in two weeks), and part of me...well, most of me... wants to just cut my losses and start up something else. (I was thinking maybe Stars Without Number, based around the Hard Light module, at the comic book/coffee shop I have come to love so much- not that I've been putting any thought to it, no sir...)

Tonight I'm going down to said comic/coffee venue to hang out with my wife and one of the guys from the Warhammer group (and formerly of the Sunday group) to imbibe coffee, maybe work on our RIFTS-to-AD&D conversion (which is starting to resemble something playtest-able), and generally schmooze. It's not the evening that I was hoping for, but it should be fun anyway.

One of the shop owners was talking about getting a gamer connection/community of some sort started up. If he's there tonight, maybe I'll see what he has in mind.


  1. Put up a flier (in your library, coffee house, book store ... not the FLGS). Build a bigger pool of players. Good luck!

  2. My Sunday group tried fliers, without success.

    This comic store (they only have a little gaming stuff, looking to expand that) actually has fliers for games in it, so I think that might be the route to go. The local game stores are actually decided *unfriendly* when it comes to fliers.