Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Bit of Navel Gazing About Characters

I played a lot of different characters at KantCon. I didn't create any of them, they were all pregens. I tried to play each one differently, give them a life and personality of their own. I am now absolutely sure of one thing, though: I prefer to be given a character and then make that character my own. I think this is why I like randomized character generation so much. I like to take something outside my control and put my own spin on it. 

This definitely explains my hatred for purely point-buy systems. I'm still okay with "bucket" point buys like Savage Worlds and old BESM. (You get X points for your attributes, X points for skills, etc.) 

It's odd that I can make an NPC for any occasion, but it is so very difficult for me to create a character that I want to play as my own. 


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    1. A second, me too.

      I would add, though, that a point buy system encourages mechanical thinking about characters. When making a RQII character I shave points off skills here and there, in order to bump up my initial critical ranges in other skills. No, not 'my' critical ranges, but my character's.

      As random system, you roll the dice, look at the sheet, and ask, who is this guy?