Sunday, July 29, 2012

Local Con, Year 4

I have been attending the Local Con since 2009, and I have blogged about it every year. I just got home. I will limit my blogging to just the gaming that I did, and leave out all of the other insanity of convention attendance. I've also decided to sum it all up with one blog entry, rather than blogging "live" this year.

Friday- I played in a game of Mutant Future. It was a momentous session in that there were three people at the table who had never before participated in a table top role-playing game. They all had an amazing time and played incredibly well. Our GM's twist ended up being that we were on a giant colony ship, a la Metamorphosis Alpha. I loved the crap out of my pre-gen character (I dubbed him Hyune the Sage, since he uses his Ability Boost to jack his Int up and seem smarter than he actually is) and it was just a damn fun time. I also found answering one of the newbie's questions to be very refreshing. "You can use the same characters again?!" "There's no end to the game?!" Delightful. Plus, you know, Mutant Future.

Saturday- We started the morning off with Stars Without Number. It was a big table and a big group. We had two out of three of Friday's new guys playing with us. One of them seemed particularly delighted by the fact that the rules of SWN and MuFu are mostly compatible. I had to duck out before the end, but I had a blast. I seldom get to play Stars Without Number. The session has me excited to continue my campaign on Tuesday.

In the afternoon, we played Dungeon Crawl Classics. My actual play experience prior to this had always been demos with 0-level characters. This time we had 1st level characters, so it was interesting to see how character abilities worked. We also had a couple of spell duels, which was super cool. I played a butcher-turned thief, who I named Ivan the Butcher. (For several reasons) He had an offensive faux Eastern European accent. DCC is as much fun to play as it has been to read, and I really want to run this damn game now.
A minor concern: in a one-shot, players sure have a lot of Luck to blow, and this typically high-value resource is much more readily spent when you know you're only playing this character tonight. Then again, it's a convention game, and they tend to be better when played fast-and-loose with a high dose of Awesome and WTF, so I guess it's okay.

In the evening, there was only one other game, and it was World of Darkness. The GM only had five spots and didn't want players under the age of 18, so I stepped in with a pick-up game for the half-dozen players who were all dressed up with nowhere to go. I ran B/X D&D and did a modified version of the "Realm of the Technomancer" module (written for both Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future) that I bought from the Black Blade Publishing booth when I was at KantCon a couple of weeks ago. Real of the Technomancer was incredibly fun and I find that I want to run it again. (Plus I want to try the Mutant Future side of the module) It was interesting running for a table where half the players were younger than 15. (The other half was my age)

Today I was too tired to game, and I ended up sleeping in. This usually happens on Sundays at a convention. I do have the GM/DM bug bad now, though. I can't wait to run SWN on Tuesday. I also wish I was running B/X, Mutant Future, and DCC. (But alas, even during summer break, that simply isn't feasible.) I also have the bug to run more convention games. There are actually a few late year conventions that I might consider.

A few other thoughts on the convention:

-We had our biggest gaming room ever this year. It was far larger than any previous gaming space this convention has ever had. (We were also in a new hotel this year)

-We had our emptiest gaming room ever this year. For most of the convention, our game table was the only game table with anything else going on. There were one or two games of Pathfinder that ran, plus that World of Darkness game. There was also a board set up for Axis and Allies, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone sitting at it. There were a few other scattered card games and things from time to time, but it seems like a lot of the space went to waste.

-All in all, I'm starting to lean toward cons like KantCon and NukeCon, which are all about gaming. The "general" SF conventions seem to be dominated by costume-related stuff (in which I have zero interest) and panels (in which I have less than zero interest.) Of course, gaming-only conventions don't usually have room parties, and I do love me some room parties...

Well, back to work. I need to get ready for Tuesday's SWN game. May you always save vs. poison!

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