Friday, July 27, 2012

My SWN House Rules

I can't help but tinker. These are the current guidelines and house rules that are in play for my SWN game.  Players, take note. (But I will also distribute these rules via email or other channels)

Character Creation
1.) Players may play Warriors, Experts, or Psychics. (Artificial Intelligence PCs are not allowed at this time)
2.)In addition to humans, the following alien races are available as PCs: hochog, ssath (SWN core book), qotah (Mandate Archives), and three races of my own creation: eldreth, t'zirir, and solii.
3.) 1st level PCs begin with maximum possible hit points.
4.) Experts may treat Dexterity as one of their Prime Abilities if so desired.
5.) Players may use material from the following SWN supplements to create a character: Skyward Steel, Darkness Visible, and the Mandate Archives (Martial Arts, Qotah, Red Sangha Mercenary Corps.) Material from any other source must be cleared by me first.

Character Advancement
1.) Additional hit points are determined by rolling a single Hit Die, modified by Constitution, and adding it to the character's previous total. (In other words, we roll hit points like standard D&D instead of SWN's rules.) Warriors may re-roll a 1 or 2 on a Hit Die. If a second 1 or 2 is rolled, it stands.

2.) Every character may have one skill at which they are a natural, chosen at character creation. The character does not need to train in order to increase this skill. Note that this must be a specific skill: a character who is a natural at Combat/Projectile still needs to train Combat/Energy, etc.

1.) Unarmed damage is only 25% real, with the rest being "subdual" damage that fades at the rate of one point per ten minutes. Characters using a martial art should consult the GM; some martial arts are far more brutal. Characters using kinesis wraps or armored gauntlets inflict ordinary damage. 
At the GM's option, some weapons may be used to subdue instead of kill. This typically imposes a -4 penalty to the attack roll, and some weapons may inflict 50% real damage or just be impossible to subdue with. Ranged attacks cannot typically be subdual attacks.

2.) We will be using group initiative. I may use individual initiative on a case by case basis, such as one or two PCs having an encounter for which their allies are not present. Individual initiative is modified by Dexterity and any pertinent abilities, but group initiative is not.

Experience Points
1.) Combat is worth experience. The party shall be awarded 100 XP/HD defeated. Monsters with special abilities add a bonus of 25 XP/HD for each special ability. Example of abilities would include "+" Hit Dice (2+2, etc), multiple attacks per round, AC better than 1, poison, psionic ability (or immunity), etc.
Example: the attack drones from Hard Light are worth 300 experience: they have 2 HD (base 200) "+2" to Hit Die, and multiple attacks per round. (each worth 25 per hit die, or 50 each, total 100 for special abilities)
Note that opponents who posed no threat or didn't fight back are not worth experience points.

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