Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Play: Stars Without Number

Tonight I started my  new Tuesday game at the local comics n' coffee shop. Of my possible six players, only three were able to make it. (Tomorrow being a holiday and's late...I guess today is the holiday now.) We rolled up characters and spent the session getting the party together. I'm starting the game in Brightside Station, the "Keep on the Borderlands in Space" from the Hard Light module.

The game is going to be a sandbox, and we'll stay on Brightside until the PCs decide they want to leave. New PCs who join can conveniently be at Brightside, waiting on the next transport out. From there, the Pcs can head back to my "main" sector of space.

Our, our Player Characters. Yes.

Taruki Nakamura,Warrior- A samurai warrior from Nippon Prime, a polity that has culture of feudal Japan. The third son of Lord Nakamura, he was sent as an "advisor" (read: hostage) to one of the noble houses of the Arcanian League, another major polity in my setting. He was tricked by Tsallia Heresti, daughter of a powerful Arcanian noble family, into accompanying her to Hard Light to study the newly discovered alien tombs.

Kenneth Sopan, Psychic- Originally born on one of the worlds ruled by the Technocratic Unions of Runaria, Kenneth ran away to wander the galaxy seeking his fortune. He does this by running con games, particularly those where he convinces primitive lostworlders that he is a sorcerer or god. He came to Hard Light because a contact told him that he can make quick cash from alien artifacts found in the asteroid tombs.
Oh, and don't call him Kenny.

Leif Winden, Expert. Born on one of the migrant spaceships of the Hydrin Clans, Leif is a skilled pilot and handy with technology. His beat-up, third hand free trader, the Zest, is his ticket to a steady income...if he can just keep the damn thing running. He ended up being the pilot that took the rest of the PCs to Hard Light. Now he's stuck there because the excessive radiation from the system's star has cooked half of his ship's systems.

I'm going to post up my house rules, alien races, etc. if only to keep an electronic backup of them. (They're all scribbled in my notebook)

Fingers crossed. I'm really looking forward to this.


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to reading your future posts about it.