Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Play SWN, Game #3

Tonight, we had one no-show and one who couldn't make it due to a work meeting. This left us with a healthy six people at the table, which I found much more manageable.

...interestingly enough, the party was composed of three Experts and three Psychics...no major fighters at all.  Luckily for them, there was only one combat.

The party cleaned out the Cold Tombs. They are beginning to suspect that they have stumbled across the remains of two different civilizations/species. They are making contacts and meeting NPCs aboard the station. They have also discovered coordinated leading to four more Sky Tombs, only two of which I have maps for.... (better get around to that)

We spent most of the time exploring, and the tail end of the game was interaction with NPCs and scheming.

I really enjoyed the session. I like playing at the comic store.

I'm going to be revising my SWN class ability variants. After some feedback, I realize I need to kick them up a notch. I'll post those later this week.

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