Friday, August 3, 2012

Beyond the Supernatural at 3rd Level

Tonight I played in my weekly game of Beyond the Supernatural.

This campaign is probably 80% investigation/roleplay/problem solving. I think it has actually been a couple of weeks since we've had a combat.

I like that the GM is able to work in a lot of our skills. One thing that has always kind of bugged me about Palladium (hee....) is that you have this ridiculous laundry list of skills, but you never use any of them. Then again, besides BTS most of my experience has been with RIFTS, and much of that has been "do you have the  biggest MD weapon you can find in the source books?"  (No, Mindy, I'm not talking about your game!)

I also like the fact that direct encounters with the supernatural are used sparingly. I mean, we run into stuff -tonight my psychic medium performed a seance-  but we don't have demons and ghosts constantly jumping out at us, monster-of-the-week style. It also takes more than one trip to the library/must bookstore/whatever to conveniently find an illustrated guide to the monster's history and weaknesses.

It's always interesting to see how other GMs differ from my own style. Steven's games feel like an episode of CSI, but far weirder and less formulaic. (Since, you know, we don't have to have the case wrapped up by Act III) It's definitely a different gig than my Sunday group or my SWN campaign. I'm looking forward to next week.

In other Palladium news, I am running a Palladium game at a local gaming convention in October. I've decided to run Ninjas & Superspies. I have tentatively named my little romp "Operation: STEEL SOLDIER" and decided that it is set in 1989 and involves a secret Soviet cyborg-soldier program.  If you couldn't tell already, I plan to make it just a wee bit tongue-in-cheek.

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