Friday, August 24, 2012

It Had to Happen Eventually: SVP Backs a Kickstarter

So...I backed a Kickstarter.

Initially, I was fascinated by Kickstarter, but then became wary of it as everybody and their mom got one. I got a little cynical as content was tied to stretch goals. I got a little more cynical when companies that I thought were large and didn't need crowdfunding started using crowdfunding for everything. I was all like maaaaaaaaaan, we have to fund the industry's projects and then buy the projects? They want me to kick in $60 bucks for a $30 book? Maaaaaaaaan....

Then Reaper put up a Kickstarter where I have them $100 bucks and I get something like 221 miniatures. I learned the True Meaning of Christmas and got my pledge on.

Yeah, I have to wait until March of next year, but... all those damn minis for $100? Even a curmudgeonly bastard like me could get behind that.

I've changed my opinion on Kickstarter, but... I'm not going to be backing any old thing.

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  1. It was a worthy project, and a heck of a deal. It's heartening to hear they are going to source the manufacturing within the USA, rather than using Chinese producer.